Why female solo travelers choose Cuba?

Female solo travelers

For most women travelling solo is about self-discovering and confidence, an opportunity to demonstrate how powerful and independent we are. Every new city represents a new path to conquer among budget planning, places to stay and people to meet. That’s why it is extremely important to choose a destination where you will feel comfortable and safe.

Cuba, the Caribbean Pearl, offers not only a rich cultural heritage but a warmth, incredibly secure environment for females and even children. If you are looking for real daily-life experiences together with the beach and nature adventures, Espíritu Travel proposes you the Explore Cuba trip: a customized jump of two weeks ideal for solo travelers…. Why? Continue reading this post.

Why Cuba and Espíritu Travel are perfect for female solo travel?

Choosing the right destination for a female solo trip can be overwhelming but the results are very rewarding. Visualize yourself discovering Santiago de Cuba on your own, feeling your heart pump with the drums of the Caribbean, and witnessing the explosive beauty of the Fiesta del Fuego. Does it worth your time? The listen up to the 7 reasons making Cuba and Espíritu Travel perfect for your solo voyage.

1.    Cuba is a safe country

What do you want to do, dancing, trekking or just walking the streets of a magical city? In Cuba, you will have that and more, without caring about your safety. The sympathy of its inhabitants and the low crime rates make the country a solo traveler’s paradise.

Nevertheless, Cuba is specially focused in respecting women’s rights and, except for the occasional cat callings, you won’t need to worry for violence. Have you ever dreamed of feeling the nocturnal sea-breeze under Havana’s lights? Just walk along the Malecon at the early morning. Amazing!

Malecon Cuba

2.    Light packing, it’s the Caribbean

One of the unwritten rules for female solo travel is “Avoid overpacking”. When preparing our luggage we usually finish packing things we will never really use. Well, Cuba almost literally shouts light packing! The island has a never-ending summer and a relaxing atmosphere, where there is no need for coats, super formal dresses or any other heavy outfits. Don’t forget the comfortable shoes and a sun protection kit because you will walk a lot.

It’s important to mention that, due to the embargo, many products are very difficult to find in Cuba and you will need to bring them with you. Looking for some guidance in these topic, check out post: What do I pack to travel to Cuba?

3.    Casas particulares: the home far from home

Travelling solo is not about being alone, but going outside our comfort zone and find new places to share ourselves. That’s why Espíritu Travel propose you to stay in a casa particular, a friendly, safe and relaxed place.

Casa Particular Cuba

The Cuban casas particulares are great opportunity to transmit your experiences and receive the stories and feelings of a family with a different culture. These families became entrepreneurs to propose the visitors an intimate space, with excellent service, tasty food and a unique vision of Cubans daily life. Many travelers said have found a little home far from home.

4.    Connecting with locals

Espíritu Travels believes in supporting the local economy. Each of our packages reflects how much we care about maximizing tourism effect in the private entrepreneurial activity now growing in Cuba. By employing local guides and drivers, using casas particulares, organizing encounters with local artists and visits to projects and eating at paladares (private restaurants), we have a positive impact in local communities along the country. We also assist and organize donations to Aniplant, a non-profit Cuban association which gives shelter and care to domestic animal rescued from the streets. Do you feel the same? Then Espíritu Travel is definitely for you.

local people

5.    Taking a break from technology

Oh, yes, breath relaxed! Take a picture and keep it in your phone until you get back. Enjoy entering a bar or a restaurant and see the people talking and laughing and not quietly chatting with their cells on the same table. Even if Cuba is not the disconnected place it used to be, there is still big difficulties to access to Internet.  There are Wi-Fi spots in some parks and main avenues, but the signal tends to be very slow. Then, it’s the right place to stay out of social media for a few days and discover you natural-self.

6.    A photography paradise

Cuba is considered a living museum, with 500 years old cities, ancient fortresses and vintage cars, however, there are plenty of other details turning it into a photography paradise. The cultural contrasts, the surprising colors in every corner, the unique and extroverted society, the combination of mountainous and coastal ecosystems… so much to amaze the camera that we have prepared a trip specifically tailored for photography lovers from any level. The Havana Imagined workshop will take to uncover the island’ real beauties with an expert. It’s the perfect trip for a woman travelling solo.

Best things to do in Havana

7.    Every city a daze

From the West to the East, every Cuban city has a different beauty, a mixture of people, history and vegetation.  Hike a mogote at Viñales, watch a stunning sunset from the Palacio del Valle in Cienfuegos, snorkel at the turquoise waters of Cayo Coco, visit the incredible Colón Cemety in Havana, taste the typical chocolate at the pleasant houses of Baracoa… Cuba offers so many pleasures for female solo travelers that we are sure you can’t wait to contact Espíritu Travel and customizing you next trip to the island. Start your adventure with us!