Why go on a diving trip in Cuba

Diving trip in Cuba

Did you know that the coastline of Cuba covers 5,646 km of the island? 5,646km of unique coral reefs, beautiful caves, and abundant marine animals make Cuba the perfect place to go on a diving trip. Yes, you read it right. Diving in Cuba. Even though scuba diving might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about visiting Cuba, the truth is the island is great for water sports. In fact, let us tell you a little secret, back in the 80s Fidel Castro was famously a scuba aficionado!

The wonders of diving Cuba

Diving Cuba you will witness over 50 species of coral that cover both the warm waters of the Caribbean coast and the slightly colder ones of the Atlantic coast. Unlike other sides of the world, the lack of industrialisation in Cuba has kept its ecosystems undisturbed by avoiding pollution. Thanks to it, Cuban corals are home to all sorts of marine creatures such as jellyfish, turtles and most importantly sharks. Actually, the clear waters of the island are known to have the perfect conditions to see different types of sharks. Cuba is also a great destination to spot tuna, snappers, squirrelfish or even lobsters and shrimps as you come closer to the coral heads. 

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When is the best season to go diving in Cuba?

Experts say that the best months to go on a diving trip in Cuba are between December and April. During this period of the year water has an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius which makes it perfect to practice scuba.  Our recommendation is that if you do come during that season, you should use a 3mm wetsuit. 

What are the best diving spots in Cuba?

According to the Cuban Ministry of Tourism, the island has more than 500 diving areas which are mainly characterized by their vertical walls, caves, tunnels and incredible corners. As you can guess, this means there are several good spots for a diving trip. However, these are some of the most famous ones: 

  • Jardines de la Reina is probably the best destination for a scuba diving trip in Cuba. This beautiful area covers 2,170 km and is formed by a complex ecosystem of small virgin islands and mangrove forests. While scuba diving Jardines de la Reina you will get amazed by its untouched reefs, and an abundance of colorful fish, sharks, and mighty crocodiles. At Espíritu travel we offer a dedicated scuba diving trip to explore Jardines de la Reina, you can find more information about it on our website.
  • Playa Larga looks like every typical Cuban postcard you have seen. Crystalline clear waters, dust-diamond sand and palm trees. Approximately 13 km from the Cochinos Bays, this site makes a great diving spot thanks to its nearby reef. Immersed under its water you will witness a colorful scenery of corals, sponges and tropical fishes.  

Playa Paraiso in Cayo Largo del Sur is, as its own name suggests, a true paradise. The warm waters of this beach are the perfect location if you want to learn how to dive for the first time or even get an additional certification. However, the area is also great for more experienced divers as there are plenty of caverns, grottos and exciting drop-offs to explore. 

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How can I organize a diving trip to Cuba? 

If you are not familiar with the island, organizing a smooth diving trip to Cuba can be tricky. There are many factors to take into account, prices, weather, instructors, transportation… For that reason, the best advice that we can give you is that you use a travel agency to prepare your ideal diving trip. We have a dedicated blog that explains all the advantages of traveling to Cuba with a travel agency that you can also check out. 

Espíritu Travel counts with a team of local experts specialized in Cuba and offers the ideal timetable for those interested in diving Cuba. A 13 days trip of which a full week will be spent on a boat where you will have a cabin with a private room and bathroom. You will spend 7 amazing days sailing Jardines de la Reina, the scuba diving paradise in Cuba. 

You can take a closer look at our Scuba Diving in Cuba trip on our website. You can also contact us if you have any questions about it or want to know more about our trips to Cuba

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