Why stay at a Casa Particular in Cuba?

In many cities of the world different platforms offer accommodation in tourist apartments in order to bring tourists closer to local people but if you have ever used this type of accommodation, you will know that in the vast majority of times the host of the house is not even there and it’s just an empty apartment. However, in Cuba this experience is totally different. If you decide to stay in what they call a “casa particular” you will share your stay with Cubans who will open the doors of their houses and their hearts for you.

Casas particulares are Cuba’s equivalent of a bed and breakfast and in Espíritu Travel we work almost exclusive with casas particulares. We believe that staying at a casa particular makes your trip to Cuba unique.

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What is a Casa Particular in Cuba?

Casas particulares cuba

If you are preparing your trip to Cuba, surely one of the questions you need to ask yourself is, Where to stay in Cuba? Unlike other Latin American destinations, in Cuba there are two different types of accommodation, hotels and casas particulares. These are private houses licensed by the government under strict conditions to rent en-suite rooms to foreigners. A sort of micro bed and breakfast that has been set up in people’s homes.

During your stay in a Cuban casa particular you will have your own room, fan and private bathroom. Cubans adapt as much as they can to the needs and requirements of their visitors, their homes are adequate to meet their guests’ demands and they absolutely respect the privacy of their guests. We host our clients in casas particulares licensed by the government under strict conditions.

A real experience to meet local people

Staying in a casa particular is without a doubt one of the best recipes to get to know real Cuban life, know their culture and experience the warmth of its people. Cuba is a country that has much to tell, and although many places here are designated by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites, it is undeniable that the greatest strength that the island has, is the spirit and the stories of its people. So don’t be shy and sit down to the table and ask your Cuban hosts about life in Cuba!

Throughout Cuba you will find hundreds of casas particulares that you can easily recognize by the icon of a house on a blue background on their facades. As you visit the island, you will find private colonial style houses like in Trinidad or Havana, or rural houses that immerse visitors into the lush Cuban countryside. All these casas particulares capture the authenticity of Cuban life.

Staying at a Cuban casa particular is under the category of Support for Cuban People. Read more about legal travel to Cuba here.

What to expect from your stay in a Cuban casa particular?

As I mentioned before, you will have a private bathroom and room where you will find clean towels, toilet paper and in some cases amenities, we recommend that you carry some soap in your toiletry bag. You will have all the privacy and security you need in your room. Beautiful rooms, wonderful home-made breakfasts and caring hostess that enrich your stay with their stories… a feast for your senses and your spirit.

Apart from the fact that you will have the opportunity to know first-hand the culture and history of Cuba, it is also cheap accommodation and the price per night for a double room is usually around 25 CUC.

Boutique hotel Cuba

Are Casas Particulares secure?

The first thing you need to know is that Cuba is a very secure country and casas particulares are a secure accommodation. You will have your own bedroom key so that you can leave all your personal stuff in your room and just enjoy your guided visits of the day. Cubans are very respectful people.

Espíritu Travel carefully select the private homes with which we work so that our clients have a pleasant and quality experience. Espíritu Travel local team visits each house that we work with to guarantee all quality standards.

Positive Impact Trips

Responsible travel does not mean having to compromise on the quality or enjoyment of your trip in fact we believe it enhances the experience of getting to know the people and culture of Cuba. Staying at a casa particular is a great way to give back to the community.

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At Espiritu Travel we design trips to create jobs, help local families, collaborate with locals, and endorse real connections between countries and people. Our biggest challenge is to offer real experiences that hotels could never provide.

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If when you travel you not only want to know the destination but also its people, its history and culture, without a doubt, staying in a casa particular in Cuba is the best option to live an experience as authentic as possible during your trip to Cuba. From Espíritu Travel we have handpicked our accommodations to ensure the highest standards and are well located so that you simply enjoy your stay.