Why take a photographic trip to Cuba?

Photographic trip to Cuba

Participate in a photography trip is a great way to develop your photography skills by learning from a professional photographer while exploring a destination you’ve always dreamed of visiting. If you want to discover Cuba from the lens of your camera and capture unique moments, join Espíritu Travel on their two annual photography trips accompanied by the award-winning photographer Jim O’Donnell.

From behind the lens, you will be able to be the witness, as well as the protagonist, of how Cuban culture and the nature of this magnificent destination manifests itself, raising our adrenaline to unsuspected limits. You will be able to capture the essence of Cuba and what makes this destination a unique place. If you doubt whether to take a photographic trip to Cuba, continue reading and discover our reasons to take a photographic trip to Cuba with Espíritu Travel.

Cuba is culture: portrays Cuba’s life

Cuba is one of the best destinations to enjoy the pleasure of traveling, combine with the pleasure of taking photography. Cuba has a wonderful light, but the best thing about this country is its people, the soul of its people. The Cuban will always invite you to their house, however humble it may be. Cuban’s are talkative, always eager to share with the foreigner and of course they love to be photographed. Cuba will simple delight you.

Discover Havana from a different perspective. this World Heritage city has so much to offer that each stop will surprise you: the uniqueness of Cubans, the recently restored National Capitol, Alicia Alonso Grand Theater of Havana, the vintage cars from the 50s and the joy that surrounds the streets. Photography gives you access to wonderful people and stories. Photography is a great tool for expression and personal growth.

Travel accompanied by a professional photographer

How do you feel when you share your passion with someone who has the same concerns? Well imagine what it would be like if that person were also a consecrated expert in photography and mastered the art of photography. The result is a perfect photographic journey! Jim O’Donnell will share with you his experiences in the world of photography and you will get to know what professional life is like behind the lens. Thanks to his extensive experience both as a photographer, and as a photographic guide in Cuba, he will show you the best corners to photograph Cuban life and tell their stories through your lens.

Jim O’Donnell has led the Havana Imagined Photography Workshop for Espiritu Travel since 2016. He has photographed and written about Cuba for a wide range of publications, from the BBC to Vrai Magazine and Horizon Guides. Working with Cuban photographers and guides, Jim has created a colorful itinerary filled with photographic opportunities that will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the unique universe that is Cuba.

What to expect from your photographic trip to Cuba

A great personal and human experience, this country always enriches you. You have to visit Cuba with an open mind and eager to interact with the people. Photography is an ideal tool to generate that link, the perfect excuse to establish that connection. Cuba always offers great photographs, it is a very accessible country for any traveler and extremely photogenic.

Cuba, and in particular Havana, is one of those paradises of images that will require all your concentration not to miss any detail; and, in addition to that, human contact with the locals will nurture us in such a way that we will be left wanting to return.

Espíritu Travel adapts to your needs and interests

Unlike other photography tours at Espíritu Travel, we create a personalized workshop specifically designed for photographers of any level. We adapt to your level of photographic knowledge and the technical equipment you have. Also, it is limited to 6 people. The trip not only takes full advantage of the fantastic photographic opportunities, but also aims to give an insight into the daily life of Cubans, establishing relationships with artists, dancers, athletes and small businessmen to discover the hidden gems that most of the visitors will never experience.

We take you to the best locations, then you decide whether to record the snapshot on your mobile, on your retina, take a selfie, or take a picture with your piece of reflex camera, and the best thing!, Everyone enjoys the good atmosphere

Espíritu Travel Photography Cuban Trips

Espíritu Travel will guide you through the exciting Cuba, accompanied by our local guide Carlos and award-winning photographer, Jim O’Donnell with whom you will discover the streets of Havana, the nature of Viñales or the eastern cities of Cuba such as Baracoa, Santiago de Cuba, Gibara or Bayamo.

Espíritu Travel offers you two personalized tours, one of 8 days in which you can portray Havana and Viñales and another of 10 days in which you will visit Sierra Maestra mountains to reach Fidel’s former rebel hideout, headquarters for the Cuban revolution or the historic Santiago de Cuba among other destinations.

Havana Imagined Photography Workshop 8 days trip plan

Work with Cuban photographers and guides, seeking to build relationships with the Cuban people. You’ll get the best of both worlds by visiting Havana’s impressive historical attractions, soaking up the art and cultural scene, discovering hidden local spots around the city, and breaking out into the farmlands and natural parks of the Viñales region. This workshop provides an opportunity to discover and photograph things most visitors will never get to the chance to see, all while meeting some of the island nation’s most interesting inhabitants, including fellow Cuban photographers.

Find out more about Havana Imagined Photography Workshop here.

Hidden Cuba Photography Expedition 10 days trip plan

Eastern Cuba is rich with Afro-Cuban and indigenous traditions and graced with staggering landscapes unlike any other on the island. You will visit Sierra Maestra and Fidel’s former rebel hideout, Santiago de Cuba and its markets full of colors to photograph, Baracoa, Cuba’s oldest city and Gibara, a small, rustic, and somewhat run-down fishing town situated on the bay.

Everything that we experience on a human level will be reflected in your personal evolution as a photographer as the trip progresses and it is a privilege for us to be present when that happens.

Find out more about Hidden Cuba Photography Expedition here.

Travel with a positive impact

Espíritu Travel “Take a Camera to Havana” program will provide the opportunity for you to donate your old or unused camera equipment to Cuban photographers in need. With the help of your tour leader, you will be able to discover the most spectacular Cuba. You will be able to see how Cubans really live in a unique and very personal experience.

A photographic trip to Cuba is the best travel plan for lovers of this art and even more so if the destination is nothing more and nothing less than Cuba, a country that has stopped in time, unique in itself, where every corner of the island hides a story to tell through the lens of your camera. If you are interested in participating in Espíritu Travel next photography tour, contact us to receive more information.

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