Why travel to Cuba with Espíritu Travel

Traveling to Cuba has become in recent years a must visit destination for all travelers who want to live a different Caribbean experience. Cuba is the perfect combination between tradition, relaxation, adventure and culture. If you don’t want to miss a thing and return home with a true sense of Cuba Espíritu Travel is your best option. Continue reading if you want to know why travel to Cuba with Espíritu Travel.

In Espíritu Travel we design your customize trip plan taking into account your needs and personality. We create legal and authentic people to people trips to Cuba. All our trips are design so that you see how the locals live and experience the vibrancy of the island.

Cuba is one of the last communist regimes still in force in the world. Its politics and its particular history, most of it linked to the Revolution, make’s Cuba a unique country in the world. Due to decades of political isolation, Cuba has remained largely undiscovered. When traveling to Cuba is important to know certain travel documents that you must have and the security that you are traveling safe. With Espiritu Travel you will only need to sit back and relax, we take care of all!

It’s pretty easy these days to go online to book flights and accommodations yourself, however, if instead you want to have an immersive and life-enhancing trip, you’ll need somebody with insight and expertise and that is when we come in.

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What makes Espíritu Travel different?

We are a team of people who knows Cuba inside and out, we’re passionate about detail and service. Combine these, and you have our one simple purpose – to encourage and indulge your curiosity about this enigma island and to ensure that your trip to Cuba is a once in a lifetime.

You won’t see any groups or tour buses with our trips. Everything we do is customized, led by the needs and desires of our clients. Even more, when you arrive in Cuba, your trip is exclusively handled by Espíritu Travel’s team Cuba. We believe that working directly with Cubans and small businesses not only creates a more immersive and enriching experience but has a positive impact for the wider communities.

You can read more about us here.

Get inspired with our Cuban Itineraries

Sometimes we want to see it all or we simply don’t know what to see. Espíritu Travel has design inspirational trip plans so you get an idea of the destinations you can visit depending on the number of your travel dates. This are just ideas for you to get inspired of the places you would like to visit. You can get a taste of Cuba in a Long Weekend in Havana or decide to discover the Uncovering Cuba in a longer trip plan. Check out our trip plans ideas divided by days to get inspired before you request your own customize trip plan.

Customize Trip Plans

Espíritu Travel expertise is priceless. We are bursting with ideas and have the knowledge and contacts to ensure that your trip to Cuba is a transformative experience. We design your customized Cuba program that addresses your special interests and dates. Espíritu Travel arranges the entire program with a custom-made experience always working with our local partners in Cuba to make sure everything is specific for your preferences.

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We will ask you the right questions in order to customize your trip plan: when and with whom you want to travel, what time of trip you are looking for, how many days you want to travel around Cuba or you must-see destinations in Cuba.

Once we have this information, we start customizing your trip plan: activities, transfers, guides, accommodation, etc. We are the chefs of your trip traying to create the best recipe with all the ingredients.

The best accommodation in Cuba

One of our top” ingredients” are the type of accommodation that we use. There are a wide range of lodging options in Cuba ranging from casa particulars, hotels and resorts. If you are seeking for a true experience in Cuba we recommend you stay at casas particulares.

Staying in a casa particular is without a doubt is one of the best options to get to know real Cuban life, know their culture and experience the warmth of its people. In Espíritu Travel we choose the best option for you, our team knows every casa particular that we use to make sure that your experience is fantastic.

People to people customize trips

In Espíritu Travel we believe that travelers want to experience authentic trips in a way that makes a positive impact to local communities and the places that they visit. We strongly believe that our tours should directly benefit the communities we visit whenever possible through the principles of sustainable travel, minimizing environmental impacts and optimizing community benefits, without sacrificing comfort or the character of your vacation.

Why travel to Cuba

Espíritu Travel Guides

While in Cuba, our expert guides are eager to share with you their insight and knowledge as lifelong residents of Cuba. During your trip to Cuba you will be accompanied by your tour leader, one of our local specialist in Cuba that will make sure you are having the best experience and will change your itinerary if necessary taking into account your needs and preferences.

Let yourself be carried away by your local guide who will not only explain the history behind the most famous buildings in each city but will also take you to the lesser-known corners. Whether are visiting the UNESCO-listed Old Havana or walking along the cobbled streets of Trinidad, you’re going to be snapping more than a few photos of these brightly colored facades.

Your Cuban guide will always accompanied you making your trip much more interactive, mixing the must-see sights such as the iconic Plaza de la Revolución with more down to earth cultural experiences, such as the local food market. These personal experiences allow you the opportunity to really understand the daily life of the Cuban people.

Espíritu Travel Commitment to Responsible Travel

At Espíritu Travel we are passionate about Cuba, we want to help maximizing the benefits that tourism can bring to Cubans. Responsible Travel (RT) does not mean having to compromise on the enjoyment of your trip or the quality of your accommodation.

We offset carbon emissions on behalf of all our travelers. We see it as another important step in our journey towards travelers becoming a purpose driven company. We purchase carbon offsets from Carbon Credit Capital to carry out environmental and community projects which remove carbon from the environment, offsetting the quantity of CO2 produced by your trip to Cuba.

You can read more about our responsible travel commitment here.

Espíritu Travel customized but flexible itineraries offer a balance of well thought out activities and free time, a mix of classic highlights and local secrets you wouldn’t necessarily find on your own. And of course, a real Cuban life experience. Traveling to Cuba with us also comes with peace of mind.  We are always there in the background in case of questions or emergencies.