Why travel to Cuba in spring

travel to cuba in spring

Cubans have a very popular phrase that perfectly describes the climate that characterizes the island. “Cuba is an eternal summer”. The truth is that Cuba has a tropical climate where temperatures are very hot throughout the year, especially in the months of July and August, so traveling to Cuba in spring can be a very good option to avoid the suffocating heat of summer.

If you travel to Cuba in spring you will be able to discover everything the island offers, from the heart of Old Havana to the lush interior of the country with tropical forests and the most wonderful natural settings, to its paradisiacal beaches without being too overwhelmed by the heat. Contact Espíritu Travel travel experts and start planning your trip to Cuba this spring.

What is the weather like in Cuba

When deciding the best time to travel to Cuba and planning your trip, it is recommended that you inform yourself of the weather to avoid unforeseen events in your trip to Cuba, due to its location in the Caribbean Sea, has a tropical climate with a constant temperature throughout the year that is around 24 to 30 degrees on average.

Cuba has two well-marked climatic seasons, the wet season and the dry season.

  • The wet season runs from June to October, with copious tropical rains, especially in September and October. In addition, in the months of August, September and October in Cuba hurricanes can surprise you.
  • The dry season runs from November to May. This is the best time to visit Cuba, since the probability of precipitation is lower.

The weather in Cuba in Spring

You are probably wondering if traveling to Cuba in spring is a good option. Spring is the best time to travel to Cuba, with March and April being the most pleasant: warm and sunny without the humidity of summer or storms.

Festivities during Spring

Every two years in the month of March, the Caribbean dance biennial is held in the city of Havana, a beautiful show of traditional Caribbean dance with representatives from all Cuban cities.

In the month of April, the Old Havana – Moving City festival takes place in Havana, with street performances, dances, theaters and all kinds of cultural performances.

Honoring its musical tradition, in mid-May the Festival del Cubadisco is celebrated, a musical festival where dozens of renowned Cuban artists gather. During the Cubadisco several concerts of Cuban music, salsa and ballads are held.

Latin, African and Caribbean cultures are combine to ensure festivals throughout the year; Whenever you come to Cuba you will surely find music, dances or parades.

What to see in Cuba in Spring?


The capital of Cuba has many attractions to enjoy in spring. Discover the heart of the country through a tour of Old Havana. Enjoy the sunsets and walks on El Malecón and don’t miss its lively nightlife. From here you can also take an excursion to Viñales or enjoy the beaches in Varadero. At the beginning of March the Primavera Festival is held in Havana, dedicated to electronic music.

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Sierra Maestra

The interior of the country, an area quite unknown to travelers, contains great beauty. Tropical forests, charming little towns and lush nature that is especially spectacular in spring. These are more than enough attractions to visit the different natural parks of Sierra Maestra on your trip to Cuba in spring.

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Santiago de Cuba

Founded in 1515, it is a charming city with far fewer tourists than other places on the island. In spring they begin to open their famous ice cream parlors, with artisan production of different sweets. Get lost in its historic center, get to know its cathedral and the famous Padre Pico street with its steps, as well as Céspedes Park, declared a National Historic Monument.


Trinidad is one of the most famous cities of Cuba and it is known as “the museum city of Cuba”. The magical city of Trinidad is the perfect representation of the colonial style. With a historic center declared as World Heritage Site in 1988.

From Trinidad you can visit Valle de los Ingenios, one of the sugar regions of Cuba or Tope de Collante Natural Park, that offers a thousand places to explore. Another day trip activity from Trinidad, is going to visit Sancti Spiritus a beautiful colonial city. Accompanied by Espiritu Travel expert guides you will explore these places on a horseback ride or by taking a hike.

The Keys

The area of ​​the keys is a series of small islands located in the center of Cuba, Cayo Coco being the largest and most important of them. They are known for their wonderful beaches with turquoise waters. Going to Los Cayos in spring guarantees a pleasant climate, with little humidity and, above all, a tranquility that cannot be enjoyed in high season.

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If you can travel to Cuba at any time of the year, spring is the best month to do so! Thanks to years of experience of Espíritu Travel in Cuba we have become experts of the destination, we know first-hand all the details you must take into account before visiting, so put your worries aside and simply enjoy the adventure that you are about to live. Contact us and start planning your customize trip to Cuba!

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