Why travel to Cuba is something you will not regret 

Why travel to cuba

If you were waiting for a sign to book your trip to Cuba, this is it. Dreamy beaches, warm tropical weather, rustic colonial architecture and a thrilling musical atmosphere, are just some of the reasons why travel to Cuba. Regardless of what kind of traveler you are, this beautiful Caribbean island is one of a kind and traveling to this paradise should be on everyone’s to-do list.

In this article we will give you the main highlights of the island so, by the end of it, you will no longer wonder why visit Cuba is always a good idea. In addition, we will share Espíritu Travel’s secret on how to make your vacations all about having fun without having to worry about any of the boring details of your trip to Cuba. 

Relax and disconnect from the routine

Cuba has all the ingredients to enjoy a peaceful vacation and forget about all your worries. This island has 5,745km of coastline where you will see palm trees and diamond-dust sand everywhere you look. On average, the country sees 300 sunny days per year. Meaning that if you travel to Cuba between November and April the chances that you can enjoy a day of perfect weather are really high! These paradisiac beaches are the perfect environment to sunbathe and read a good book while you drink a cold Cuba Libre. However, they are also an amazing place to practise water sports such as scuba diving. Cuba’s marine life is very rich and diverse. 

Reasons travel to cuba

One of the most well-known places to dive in Cuba is Jardines de la Reina, an area formed of unique coral reefs, beautiful caves, and abundant marine animals. Espíritu Travel counts with a team of local experts specialized in Cuba and offers the ideal timetable for those interested in diving Cuba. You can check our trips to Cuba and discover the wide variety of destinations we offer.

Another reason why travel to Cuba is a must for those looking to get away from the routine is the lack of good internet. Even though it is possible to find an internet connection on the island, it won’t be as fast as it is back home, which surely will prevent you from checking your phone every five minutes! 

Visit cuba reasons

Live an authentic experience from start to end 

Historically and culturally, Cuba is an extraordinary country with lots to offer. One of the main reasons to visit Cuba is to get a better understanding of its thrilling recent history. The Cuban Revolution can still be seen and even breathed on the island. From the Revolution Square in Havana, where Fidel spoke several times to the Cubans, to the mountains of Sierra Maestra National Park, where revolutionaries hid while fighting Batista, Cuba has many historical sights that are worth a visit. 

History in Cuba can also be appreciated through its colorful architecture. In cities like Trinidad, Santiago de Cuba or Havana you can observe different influences such as the French neoclassical and Art Deco mixed with others like the Spanish Moorish and colonial baroque. Nevertheless, Cuba is most well-known for being a living car museum with vehicles dating from the 50s. The mixture between modern goods and objects from past decades is something you won’t be able to see anywhere else in the world, so it is something that should definitely be added to your list of why visit Cuba. 

Discover a new way of looking at the world 

Of all the wonderful things that you can find in Cuba, Cubans are what make this country so special. Locals are warm and welcoming, family orientated and have a great sense of belonging to their country. There is so much you can learn from Cubans, so we encourage you to stay with one of them in a Casa Particular or, at least, have a chat with them while you eat at a privately owned Paladares.

people cuba

Something that you probably already know and one of our favorite reasons to visit Cuba is that the island has a great music scene and Cubans are naturally talented dancers. Something that you might not know is that,  even if you are not into dancing, we assure you that it is impossible to leave Cuba without having learnt a couple of moves! 

Enjoy a life-changing trip without 

If the only con that you can find to visit Cuba is having to organize the trip yourself, Espíritu Travel is your solution. The mission of our agency is to create bespoke trips to Cuba so our clients can enjoy an authentic and fun experience. We offer the opportunity to have a culturally, historically and socially enlightening vacation in an unique destination, with an itinerary designed to suit all your needs and wants. 

To book a holiday with us, the first step is to check out our website to find the best ideas to trip to Cuba. Once you have chosen your favorite, you can contact us to customize the itinerary as much as you want. Do you still have questions on why travel to Cuba? You can also speak to one of our local experts and ask as many questions as you want!

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