Why travel to Cuba with a travel agency?

Cuba Travel Agency

Planning a trip is always stressful, but if you barely know anything about your next destination it can be nerve-racking. This article invites you to discover the wonders of traveling to Cuba with a travel agency. You might now be wondering why booking your trip to Cuba with a travel agency is a better idea than doing it by yourself. But we promise you that after reading this article you will not be able to resist all the pros of counting with Espíritu Travel’s Cuba specialist travel agent.

Reasons to make a trip to Cuba with an agency

Local experience

Nothing compares to the recommendations that a local can offer you. That is one of the strengths of Espíritu Travel. As a specialized agency in custom trips to Cuba, we will inspire you with the plans that best suit your way of traveling and the type of experiences you want to live.

Our travel agency offers Cuba trips that cover a full range of things to do in the island, even outside its Capital, Havana, so that you can fully get immersed in the culture and the heart of Cuban people. By designing your personalized trip to Cuba with us, you will make the most out of every minute on this amazing island.

Great prices  

A travel agency to Cuba has the knowledge and all the right contacts you will probably need for your trip: airlanes, hotels, restaurants, tour groups…And the most important thing, discounts and special prices! Opposite to what many people believe, traveling with a travel agency to Cuba can be more economical than planning the trip on your own.

In addition, a competent travel agency to Cuba such as Espíritu Travel can help you not only with your travel budget, but also with your entire itinerary. You will not have to worry about any of the details of your vacation. Our dedicated team will handle each and every boring procedure and you will only have to let yourself go. In short, Espíritu Travel is your ally to get your perfect trip at the best price.  

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Essential information  

Our Cuba specialist travel agent will give you all the information you need to know for your trip. That includes, of course, details on COVID-19 requirements for travel to Cuba.

Apart from that, a travel agency to Cuba such as Espíritu Travel can provide you with information about how to get a Cuban Tourist Card or Visas with every guarantee and fullest cover. There is nothing like traveling with the confidence and peace of mind of having all procedures in order.


One of the biggest advantages of relying on a travel agency for your Cuba trip is getting practical safety tips. At Espíritu Travel we advice our clients based on previous experiences and knowledge of day-to-day life in Cuba.

Furthermore, we ensure that every payment in our agency is always made with the utmost safety and in compliance with data protection regulations. Nowadays, Internet offers many facilities for travel planning, but it also implies many dangers. Among them are scams and identity theft. Our agency foresees all the necessary measures to avoid any safety problems that could spoil your trip to Cuba.

Espíritu Travel makes your dream trip to Cuba come true

At Espíritu Travel we have designed 9 unique and customizable trips to Cuba, depending on the length of stay and type of experience you are looking for. To organize with our travel agency your Cuba trip, you can choose the trip idea that fits the most with your travel expectations.  If there is something that you would like to change, add or remove for the schedule, you just have to let us know!

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In the case none of our 9 travel suggestions to Cuba meet your demands, we can create a bespoke option so you get your trip just as you imagine it from start to finish. For any questions or doubts, we will be at your disposal. The Cuban paradise is waiting for you! Just relax and let us take care of everything.

If you are still not sure about visiting Cuba with our agency, we encourage you to take a look at the opinions of other travelers to check out the fantastic experience they had with Espíritu Travel. Now it is your time. Let’s plan a trip to Cuba that will make you vibrate with emotions. 

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