Why travel to Cuba with kids?

travel cuba with kids

There are not huge themed parks in Cuba or super special cares for kids, however the island is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit with your children. Why? Traveling to Cuba with kids is a great option to make a trip for the whole family.

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Why making a family trip to Cuba?

Who doesn’t love to see his kids’ happiness when they are running a new adventure? Cuba, with its great beaches, colorful vintage cars, ancient cities and friendly and imaginative people, is the perfect place for a holiday’s getaway at any season.

1.    A safe country: walk everywhere

cuba with kids

There are no doubts that Cuba has a kid’s friendly environment. Under the lemma “Kids were born to be happy”, there is a freedom to play at every square, park and even street. With Espíritu Travel’s Long Weekend in Havana trip, you will have the opportunity to explore the 500 years old city with a guide:

  • Uncover the marvels of the San Francis Square full of pigeons and near to the sea.
  • Invite children to a delicious homemade lemonade at the Plaza Vieja, they could even get called to play by other kids.
  • Find out about the history of the Castillo de la Real Fuerza, the fortress was built during the 16th century and designed by the Italian military engineer Juan Bautista Antonelli, is an impressive example of colonial military architecture. Today, the castle hosts the Museum of the Submerged Treasures.

And don’t miss the numerous free cultural activities hidden in each city, we are sure they will make this journey even more special.

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2.   Interesting museums

If your children are keen to history and fortresses, Cuba is the place to take them. Not only Havana, but Baracoa, Trinidad, Camagüey, Bayamo have very cool and interesting museums representing the daily life in Cuba during pre-colonial and colonial epochs. Here you will find some all-times favorites:

  • The Museum of the City (ancient Governors’ Palace): Located in Havana’s heart, this beautiful palace used to be the residence of the Governor of Cuba since 1791. It gathers a stunning collection of colonial domestic arts, costumes and arms from the colony, and a hall dedicated to Cuba’s Independency Wars with paintings, flags and personal objects of Cuban heroes.
  • The open-air museum Chorro de Maíta: Very close to the city of Holguín, in the eastern region of Cuba, is the most important archeological site of the Caribbean. Chorro de Maíta exhibits ceremonial tools, ceramics, earrings and necklaces made by the taínos, as well as 56 remains from 1490-1590. To amaze even more the kids, there is represented a little with 38 hyper-realistic sculptures of the Arahuac group and you will have the opportunity to taste some native dishes.
  • The Piracy Museum: Back in the time when the gold of the Americas was taken to Europe, Cuba became the center of Spain’s commercial activities. Due to all the richness accumulated in the island it was numerous times attacked by corsairs and pirates such as the French Jacque de Sores. If you travel to Santiago de Cuba, we propose you to visit the Piracy Museum at the World Heritage Castillo de San Pedro de la Roca del Morro. The site narrates the history of the pirates’ incursions in Cuba between 1538 and 1600.

3.   Fusterlandia

Believe us, the place totally worth the ride: Colors sparkle Jaimanita’s walls in some sort of magic adventure. The antique fishermen’s town totally changed is aspect thinks to the work of a Cuban sculpture and painter: Fuster. Influenced by Picasso and Gaudí, he managed to create a huge gallery of three floors out of mosaics and tiles were visitors can feel the importance of music, love and family.

Curious roosters, fantastic mermaids and fishes, figures born out of the artist imagination, emerge at every corner of Fusterlandia a kingdom of turtles and poetry your kids will surely love.

4.   The Cannon Blast: a surprising ceremony

Did you know that Havana used to be surrounded by a huge wall? During the colonial period, the Spanish authorities believed they could protect the city from the attacks of adventurers through fortresses and walls. Even if the latter measure lasted only few years, it really influenced Cubans memories. Today, a ceremony performed every night at 9:00 pm remembers the moment in which the doors of the wall were closed.

Crossing Havana’s Harbor, you will find La Cabaña Fortress, an ancient fortress today transformed in museum and seat of the International Book Fair. There you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city, a stroll in an antique carriage and a souvenirs fair, full of handmade gifts. Then the drums call and the Ceremony of the Cannon Blast starts: young men disguised as Spanish soldiers from the 18th century light cannons in a trip to the past you will never forget.

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Travel to cuba with kids

5.   An unforgettable tour in an American Classic Car

Would you like to give your children the perfect afternoon? Make a 1-hour journey in one of the many classic American cars you could find in Havana. Blue, pink, orange, red, pick your color and wonder around the National Capitol, the Vedado, the Revolution Square and Lennon Parks while the sun illuminates your kids’ smiles.

6.   Eco-trips

Is your family up for an ecological trip? Then, be ready to reach Las Terrazas, a very unique community leaving in equilibrium with nature. Located at the Biosphere Reserve Sierra del Rosario, the town has much to offer in terms of history, biodiversity and flavors:

  • Take a nature trail with a guide: Las Terrazas is a biodiversity hotspot so be prepared to find more than 40 species of birds and huge trees.
  • The Canopy Tour: Totally safe and amazing, Las Terrazas Canopy includes 1600 meters of trip over forests and lakes!
  • The Buenavista Coffee Plantation: The well conserved Buenavista Coffee Plantation will be an interesting experience for the children, from a breathtaking view you will learn the secrets of French’s coffee production in Cuba.

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Are these enough reasons to bring your kids to Cuba? Contact us today and start planning the best family trip ever with Espíritu Travel!