Why visit Cuba?

Traveling to Cuba has become in recent years a must visit destination for all travelers who want to live a different Caribbean experience. Cuba is the perfect combination between tradition, relaxation, adventure and culture, that is why we want to give you the best reasons to visit Cuba and discover a unique island.

Chosen as one of the hottest tourist destinations over the last few years by the New York Times, Cuba is a unique destination characterized by its white sand beaches, its people, its music, its culture… There are many reasons why you should visit Cuba, from Espíritu Travel we give you our 8 reasons why you must visit Cuba.

Reasons to visit Cuba

  1. A country stopped in time

As you walk through the streets of Cuba you will take a trip back in time to the 60s. You will see cars dating back to the ’50s touring the colorful streets of Havana. You will see all kinds of models, ranging from colorful Chevrolets to Fords, creating a living car museum. Finishing the day driving one of these magnificent cars through the streets of Havana is without a doubt something you will never forget.

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Cuban streets

Cuba is an eclectic combination of goods that survived past decades, from the 1950s to the 1990s, with the occasional state of the art smartphone or laptop. Locals will sit around on roadsides every night, playing cards and smoking cigars. There are scenes in Havana that you would never find in any other city; and within this Caribbean island, the community atmosphere and slower pace of life are still very much alive.

  1. The people: Cubans

A country is made by its people, in Cuba the most representative of its culture and history are the Cubans. They are all united by a feeling of family and belonging to the history of Cuba, there is nothing more authentic than them. Sit in a cafe and chat with the Cubans, stay at one of the many Casas Particulares or eat at the private own Paladares, it is the ideal way to really get to know Cuba from the eyes of the local population.

  1. Cuban music

Cuba is Salsa and if this is your favorite musical genre or you are a good dancer, without a doubt, you will like to know that music will be part of your customize trip to Cuba. Music and dance live in the soul of Cubans and it is common to walk through its streets and listen to live music on every corner. Cuban salsa is a pastime loved by the locals, so it is impossible to leave without picking up a few moves. Either sign up for some salsa classes with Espiritu Travel or head to the clubs, the Caribbean and Latin blend of music will have you on the dance floor in no time.

Cuban Music

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  1. Cuban unique architecture

The colorful architecture of the old Cuban buildings will not leave any traveler who visits Cuba indifferent. In cities like Havana, Trinidad, or Santiago de Cuba you will observe the influences ranging from French neoclassical and Art Deco to Spanish Moorish and colonial baroque, Cuba’s architecture never fails to enchant its visitors.

Let yourself be carried away by your local guide who will not only explain the history behind the most famous buildings in each city but will also take you to the lesser-known corners. Whether are visiting the UNESCO-listed Old Havana or walking along the cobbled streets of Trinidad, you’re going to be snapping more than a few photos of these brightly colored facades.

  1. The unique history of Cuba

For all those who travel for history, Cuba is well worth visiting. Cuba has nine UNESCO World Heritage sites. You will discover colonial Spanish architecture and visit some of the best communism-themed museums in the world.

Cuba has a tumultuous recent history, with the Cuban Revolution and socialist regime of Fidel Castro defining the 20th century. Many museums offer an insight into the island’s past, with must-visits including the Museum of the Revolution in Old Havana and the Che Guevara Mausoleum in Santa Clara. Due to its geographical location you will also find large fortresses that protected the population from the attack of pirates in the colonial times.

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  1. Cuban gastronomy and its local restaurants

Cuban cuisine is a mix between Spanish, African and Caribbean cuisine. You cannot leave the Island without enjoying rice with chicken, Moors with Christians or lobster and the star dish: old clothes. Although its name does not sound exactly attractive, it is made up of vegetables, shredded meat, and rice. Take a look at our article about the 10 Cuban dishes you must try!

If we talk about drinks, Cuba has excellent rum, famous throughout the world, and many of its cocktails and even smoothies base their preparation on this liquor. Of course, we must mention its aromatic Cuban coffee. Local restaurants, or paladares, are your best option for tasting Cuban food. They are owned independently eateries which have only been introduced in the last few years.

  1. Beautiful beaches and landscapes

There is no doubt that Cuban beaches are among the most beautiful in the Caribbean. They are beaches of soft white sand, crystal clear waters and coral reefs. If you are a diving lover, you should know that you will be amazed by its biological reserves and underwater magical bottoms.

Caribean Sea

Although Cuba’s cities and beaches often steal the spotlight, the Island is also full of natural attractions. Be sure to visit the impressive Viñales Valley listed as UNESCO World Heritage or lose yourself in Sierra Maestra where there are still vestiges of the hiding places of the troops of the Cuban Revolution.

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  1. Because of its uniqueness as a country and its ephemeral nature

Cuba is one of the last communist regimes still in force in the world. Its politics and its particular history, most of it linked to the Revolution, make’s Cuba a unique country in the world. Due to decades of political isolation, Cuba has remained largely undiscovered. It is colonial cities and white sand beaches are yet to be overrun with tourists. So, if you’re looking for an authentic travel experience, this is by far your best destination.

Cuban nature

Another reason to visit Cuba is that is a destination you can visit throughout the year thanks to its tropical weather. These are just Espiritu Travel 8 top reasons why you should travel to Cuba but the list is endless so you will just have to visit the Island yourself!  Travel to Cuba with Espíritu Travel and discover the Island accompanied by your local Cuban guide who will explain from his heart what makes Cuba his home.