Your Saint Valentine’s Day in Cuba

Couple in Cuba

Don’t you know? There is a romantic vibe in Cuba. The streets, the old houses, the long plantations of coffee and tobacco, the sensual sound of the drums, everything transmit that definitive love happiness… And it’s exactly February the best month to experience it. We invite you to enjoy next Saint Valentine’s Day in the Pearl of the Antilles.

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How to spend your Saint Valentine’s Day in Havana

Oh, yes, it’s the Love’s Day, you’ll find flowers and bonbons and red hearts everywhere, but there is so much more in Cuba. Prepare yourself to get the options for a wonderful Saint Valentine guided by Espíritu Travel.

A promenade through the romantic Havana

There is nothing like uncovering a new place with the person you love: laughs, and photos, and flavors appear at every step. That’s why Havana, the gorgeous city of antique mansions, musical vibration and loving squares is perfect for an unforgettable February 14: Take a stroll by the Paseo del Prado where the air of romance is tangible under the tree shadows, admire together the majesty of the Capitol, taste Cuba’s most traditional recipes at the terrace of a Sarrá paladar in Old Havana, expect colorful surprises, fortresses and warm people at every corner, have the perfect kiss while pigeons cover the sky at the dreamy Saint Francis Square…

Couple in Cuba

Believe us, get spoiled with your lover in this World Heritage City is a gift for the heart. Contact us if you have any question.

Share a Cuban cocktails session at the gorgeous Old Square

Cuban cocktails have a way to bring people together. Imagine yourself sharing an exquisite mojito with your soulmate in the heights of the beautiful Old Square, feeling the grace and warmth of the island in every zip of hierbabuena, lemon and white rum. Heavenly, isn’t it?  Cuban drinks are never better when shared in a romantic evening with your honey, while Havana opens in a carnival of life and adventure.

Don’t forget to try the daiquiri, a drink created in a hidden spot of the Cuban Oriente, during the Independency War, and turned by Constantino Ribalaigua, in Hemingway’s favorite cocktail. El Azúcar at the Old Square, the fame hall of the National Hotel and the wonderful terrace of the Magic Flute near to the Malecon, are just some of our favorite places for a romantic evening of authentic cocktails. Just ask your Espíritu Travel’s guide and he will find the best bar for you.

Time for an escapade to the beach

Oh, the beach is always a lovely place, and, of course, the heat of the Caribbean turned in a myth of passion and relaxation. The Cuban white sand beaches of turquoise waters attract couples from around the world, so, why not choose it as the nest for your Saint Valentine’s Day?

Saint Valentin Day Cuba

If you don’t want to travel during 3 hours to the infamous and beautiful Varadero, we propose you a closest spot: Santa María del Mar beach, located around 19 km from downtown Havana. Favorite of locals, the crystal clear sea, the fine sand and the fresh cut coconuts with rum will be a pleasure. After sunset, the town gets busy and there are parties until the morning. Don’t be surprised if you find out that a renowned musical group is performing at one of Santa María’s nightclubs! J

If you prefer a quiet night, we can find you a beach house to rent and enjoy the sound of the waves with your love one.

Enjoy together a breathtaking sunset at the Malecón

Seawall, boardwalk, cultural venue, the Malecón has it all! Built during the first years of the 20th century, it connects the furthest coast of the Old Havana with the Jardines of 1830 in the Vedado. The Malecón is certainly the best seat for a memorable sunset with our couple. Day after day locals and foreigners try to capture there the seductive purple, orange and blue tones of the sky when the last shines of the sun disappear on the sea. We know that magic is on the air when a Cuban bolero, played by a street musician, serves as background for a passionate kiss, in Saint Valentine’s Day.

A classic car tour under the moon light

Have you seen those stunning pictures of people riding a pink classic American car in Havana? Well, that could be you! We propose you a panoramic tour in one of those vintage marvels under the moon light: admire how different looks Havana’s Central Park illuminated, feel the sea breeze in your faces, explore Vedado’s gardens and Main Avenue (23rd Street), visit the iconic Revolution Square and be surprised by a Beatle’s statue at Lennon’s park. We are sure you will love it!

A night of sensual dance: salsa!

Cuba is the birthplace of the salsa and that means you shouldn’t leave without having a dancing night. Dancing salsa in Cuba is totally different of what you see in those elegant tv contests: there is grace of course, but also sensuality, and diversion and pure soul. SO, it doesn’t matter if you or your lover don’t know how to dance, give yourself the opportunity to feel the rhythm influenced by Cuban and African traditional sonorities. Locals are friendly and have the beat in their genes, they will be more than happy to show you the steps and help you enjoy the most this adventure. Try the Jardines 1830, situated near to the 5th Avenue Tunnel and the sea, an ancient watching tower where the salsa rolls the night.

Romantic Trip Cuba

If you prefer a more intimate atmosphere, we invite you to the Buena Vista Social Club, where the amazing music of the best Cuban musicians and a lively show will make the perfect night.

Most Espíritu Travel’s trips include this option. Check also this post: Havana’s nightlife: a guide to find the best attractions

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  • Just 3 hours away from Havana, Viñales Valley at Pinar del Río has one of the most impressive landscapes in Cuba.
  • Visit the postcard colonial town of Trinidad and travel to the Cuban past in a journey of love, nature and history.
  • Don’t miss the delicate and magic Cienfuegos with our Soul of Cuba. An impressive bay and a romantic atmosphere will make you fall in love with Cuba.

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