How much are taxis in Cuba?

Types of taxis found in Cuba

  • Official taxis (i.e. government owned) for tourists include a meter. The fares start at $1 CUC for each kilometer. For example between Old Havana and Vedado costs around $5 CUC. Havana to Miramar costs $10-15 CUC.
  • There are also lots of tourist taxis without meters, you simple need to agree upon a rate before taking the taxi to your destination. The rates are usually the same. It is not uncommon to encounter tourist taxis without meters. If this is the case, get a quoted rate before taking a taxi to your destination. Rates for metered taxis and unmetered taxis tend to be comparable.
  • Pedal and yellow coco taxis are other fun, short distance modes of transportation. Both can be found throughout Havana and are cheaper than traditional taxis. Negotiate the fare with your driver before accepting a ride.
  • ‘Horse’ taxis in particular outside of Havana are not recommended and we discourage travelers from utilizing this type of transport even for just a scenic ride. Many of these horses are in poor condition and work very long hours in hot and humid conditions.

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