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What vaccines do i need to travel to Cuba?

Cuba has become an increasingly popular vacation destination, and more and more people want to visit it to see its colorful colonial buildings, beautiful beaches, and old-school charm. At Espíritu Travel to Cuba we cannot provide health recommendations related to vaccines if you are traveling to Cuba, but, in general, travelers to the island do not require special vaccines. We recommend that you contact the Center for Disease Control (CDC) or call 404-639-2888 to inform you of everything related to travel vaccines and the attention you should have to prevent diseases on your trip to Cuba.

We advise you on everything you need to prepare your trip to Cuba with the assurance that everything will be fine the only thing you will do is enjoy the island and your vacation. You can contact us without obligation or discover the trips to Cuba that we have, as well as organize your personalized trip to the island. We help you plan your trip and we offer you the best tips to enjoy the island, its people and its towns and cities.

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