What is the tipping custom in Cuba?

Tipping in Cuba

Tipping is not required but it certainly is appreciated! Tips go a long way in supplementing the average Cuban’s income which in most cases is low so we encourage travelers to give what they can and feel comfortable giving. Restaurant tips are not included.  Customary end-of-tour tips for your guide and driver (usually the same person) and local guides are left to your discretion and should be based on the satisfaction with the level of service received.

However, with that said, excessive tipping is frowned upon and could create unrealistic expectations regarding how much they can expect to receive as tips.
Guideline for tipping:

  • Tour leader, $5-8 CUC per day
  • Local guide, $5-8 CUC for a full-day excursion, less for half day
  • Driver, $3-5 CUC
  • Taxis, 10% of the fare
  • Musicians, $1 CUC or better buy their CD if they have one for sale
  • Bathroom attendants, small coins only
  • Housekeepers, $1 CUC per day (if you are staying at a hotel)