Planning a trip to Cuba

Planning a trip to Cuba

When you start planning your trip to Cuba, there are many doubts and questions that you should take into account. In Espíritu Travel to Cuba we have compiled the most important ones so that you know them and can prepare your trip to the island with all the tranquility.

Here you will find all the information related to accommodation in Cuba, flights to the island, the itinerary disclaimer, everything related to money in Cuba and information about passports and visas.

We want you to enjoy your trip to Cuba without having to worry about anything. Discover our trips and enjoy a unique experience in Cuba.

Plan your trip to Cuba with Espíritu Travel

If you are thinking of visiting the island, you should know that Cuba is the ideal destination to travel with family, friends, as a couple or alone.

In addition, at Espíritu Travel we help you design your customized trip to Cuba taking into account the dates of the trip, who is traveling with you, your needs and personality.

At Espíritu Travel we are passionate about Cuba, we care so that you enjoy your trip and get to know the island in the best way. Our trips are responsible with the environment, we help create trips with a positive impact and respectful of nature.

Start planning a trip to Cuba at the hands of the best, here you will find all the information you need to know and you can contact us to answer any questions you may have. And if you want, you can read opinions of travelers who have already traveled to Cuba with us.