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Accommodations to Travel to Cuba

In everything related to accommodations to travel to Cuba, Espíritu Travel exclusively uses casas particulars throughout Cuba. These casas are private houses licensed by the government under strict conditions to rent en-suite rooms to foreigners. The rooms will all have a private bathroom, hot and cold running water, air conditioning as well as a fan and some of have kitchens and/or fridges. Casa owners are excellent hosts and their houses can be deceptively small from the outside. Many of them feature beautifully maintained interior patios with trees and flowering plants, more often than not you will be enjoying your breakfast in these small oasis’ (this is more the case in casas outside of Havana).

Casas particulares in Cuba

The selection of these casas particulares is never random. We have an established, working relationship with certain casas that we have been using the over the years. They have been hand-selected (inspected) in Havana and throughout the island.

Why do we use and promote casas particulares? There is no better way to Support Cuban people than staying at one of this ‘micro’ bed and breakfasts. The may lack a pool or a spa but they make up for in oodles of charm, genuine hospitality and the opportunity to speak to locals in a relaxed and comfortable setting. Your understanding and appreciation of Cuba will grow far richer as a result.

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