How to Fly To Cuba

Flight Information to travel to Cuba

Travelling to Cuba has never been easier with several major airlines servicing not only Havana but airports throughout the island.

You are able to book flies directly with the following americans airlines: Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Frontier Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Southwest Airlines, Silver Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and United Airlines. JetBlue has direct flights from JFK.

The first step is to secure your place on one of our tours then to book your flights with one of the above mention airlines. All our programs begin and end in Havana except A Week in Cuba which ends in Cienfuegos (American Airlines services this airport) and Explore Cuba which ends in Santiago de Cuba, however you can also opt for Holguín airport which is a short drive from Santiago de Cuba.

Please note that when choosing your flights, it is necessary to arrive to Havana before 1:15pm. If you must arrive later than this time, then it would be necessary to arrive the evening before. We would be happy to make this additional arrangements for you including airport transfers.

If you have questions in regards to booking flights to travel to Cuba please feel free to call one of our travel consultants at 1-800-347-1370.