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Itinerary Disclaimer

While it is our intention to adhere to the itineraries as described, on occasion it may be necessary, or desirable to make alterations. The detailed itinerary is a general guideline to the activities that will take place during your trip however the tour leaders have a certain amount of leeway for spontaneity. In addition, any travel times listed are approximations only and are subject to variations due to local circumstances.

Cuba is special, you will often hear this said by Cubans and visitors alike who have traveled to the island. Cuba tends to be very different to other areas of the Caribbean or world that you may have traveled.
The country’s buildings and infrastructure are generally old and may not have been maintained to an acceptable standard. Elevators, A/C, Internet often break down or are not working. Water pressure and hot water can be minimal, in general things happen slowly. Cuba is an amazing place to visit but western expectations should be left at home and understanding and a sense of adventure should be your guide.