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Cuba destinations

The island has a lot to offer and a great variety of destinations, towns and cities that you should know to discover the essence of Cuba. Next we tell you what they are.

La Havana

Cuba is full of surprises wherever you go, you will meet very interesting people and you will be able to stay in a “casa particular carefully selected so that your stay is the best.

With our trips to Cuba you will have the possibility to know Havana and experience the daily life of Cubans. You will visit the most historic areas of the city and the old neighborhoods that saw the birth of musicians, painters and creators. In Havana, Spanish colonial architecture and old cars are mixed.

Some of the most interesting places you should visit in Havana are the Malecon, the Capitol, the Museum of the Revolution, the Partagás Museum, the Plaza de la Revolución or eat at the National Hotel. This city has a lot to offer and in Espiritu Travel we have trips to Havana so you can enjoy it.



Another of the Cuban destinations that you should know is Viñales, an agricultural town where limestone formations remind you of other times and places. When you visit Viñales, you have the opportunity to see the tobacco growers return home on horseback after having been working all day in the field. Viñales is a town that you must visit and with our trip “Hello Cuba” you can do it and enjoy that experience.


When you arrive in Trinidad you do not know where to start, there is so much to see, that the visitor is lost. You will discover the wonderful Escambray mountains located to the north with its characteristic purple tone, and to the south the blue of the Caribbean Sea. The geographical situation of Trinidad is impressive. When visiting the city, you will discover colonial buildings of pastel color, cobbled streets and majestic squares. At night you can enjoy musical performances with which you will not stop dancing all night.


If you still don’t know why Cienfuegos is known as “the Pearl of the South”, you should visit it as soon as possible. Discover the main square where the inhabitants gather, stroll through the peninsula of Punta Gorda and finally visit the Palacio del Valle and its impressive building where you can have a cocktail.

Santa Clara

Che Guevara is the local hero of Santa Clara. This character perfectly represents the youth and vitality of Santa Clara, a university city in central Cuba. You can visit the famous monument of Che, which attracts visitors from all corners. In the stalls of sellers you can buy from colorful flowers to sugar donuts and more delicacies. In addition, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit the tobacco factory in Santa Clara.


White and fine sand beaches make Varadero an authentic paradise and one of the most visited beach destinations in the Caribbean. The turquoise water under the Cuban sun on paradisiacal beaches makes you never want to leave Varadero. Near these beaches you can visit the Varahicaco Ecological Reserve with green paths to walk and enjoy nature.


At the foot of the Loma de la Cruz is Holguín, a town where visitors can see the local parks, its baseball field, the brewery and the different leisure options for all the people who approach Holguín. It is believed that Colón landed in this town. Playa Esmeralda is one of the tourist gems and all visitors enjoy soft waves and bright green water.


Santiago de Cuba

The city that bears the cultural pulse of the island is Santiago de Cuba. It is located between the wonderful mountains of Sierra Maestra and the Caribbean Sea. Music always plays in the streets and travelers enjoy dancing salsa. Throughout the year, Santiago de Cuba is the city that hosts the most festivals on the island. It is common to see horse-drawn carriages and drink vendors serving in cups of banana leaves. A city to know.


Bayamo is located north of the Sierra Maestra and is where the Cubanía Festival is celebrated every weekend. A street party along Saco Street where there is no lack of music, dancing and a good roast of pork. But if you are a chess lover, this party offers you chess boards on makeshift tables along the street. You can put into practice your knowledge about this game.


Baracoa stands out for the beautiful beaches that surround Bahía de Miel where impressive dunes rise. Baracoa is the oldest city in Cuba and in its streets with pastel-colored houses floats the chocolate aroma. Visitors love the beauty and charm of Baracoa, a city where you can visit the Casa del Chocolate and near El Yunque peak to buy fruits directly from your farmer.

These are just some of the Cuba destinations that you should know when you visit the island. With trips to Cuba by Espíritu Travel we help you discover them.