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Support for the cuban people travel

Support for the cuban people is not just a legal way to travel to Cuba from the United States, at the same time it is an experience that helps create connections between people, make friends and get a more real vision of Cuba and everything That the country can offer. Traveling with Espíritu Travel to Cuba, you will have access to the Cuban essence in all its splendor and you will visit places on the island that you will remember forever. Our trips know Cuba thanks to its people, with whom you will share stories and experiences, which will make you have memories for a lifetime.

Support the cuban people

What is support for the cuban people travel?

To travel to Cuba from the United States you must choose one of the 11 authorized travel categories to the island. Before the new Trump administration restrictions came out, in June 2019, travelers could choose one more category, called “People to People.” But this category is no longer available due to the changes that have been made.

Without a doubt, the widest category that Americans can use to travel to Cuba is the Support for cuban people. For this it is important to comply with the rules and take part in activities that are part of the spirit of this category. Maybe planning a trip to Cuba that meets these characteristics is somewhat confusing, but in Espíritu Travel to Cuba we help you organize your trip without problems.

Any questions you have about support trips to the Cuban people, in Espíritu Travel we will be happy to help you live a unique experience on the island.

What does the category support for the cuban people travel?

In summary, the category of support for the Cuban people requires the following things:

  • The traveler is required to provide support to the Cuban people and promote independent activities aimed at strengthening civil society in Cuba.
  • The traveler is required to participate in activities of “Support for the Cuban people” consistent with a full-time schedule. These types of activities include:
    • Meet and meet with local entrepreneurs and artists.
    • Visit independent museums.
    • Make visits to independent markets.
    • Go to dance classes (folk and folk dances).
    • Meet and interact with musicians in a show.
    • Visit samples of Cuban art.
    • Discover Cuban society with the locals.
  • It is important that the traveler keeps records, such as receipts and itineraries, and have them on hand for at least five years.
  • The visitor must avoid any type of transaction with a business owned by GAESA (military property).